About AudioZone

AudioZone is a system that allows customers to listen to TV audio on their smartphone headsets. It is developed for venues where TVs are kept silent (e.g. offices and airport lounges), where background music has priority (e.g. pubs during lunch) or where there are multiple simultaneous TV broadcasts in one trading area (e.g. sports bars and betting shops).  Audio is delivered in sync with the broadcast video and users are able to fine tune the delay if needed.  Users can only listen through headsets – phone speakers are disabled for the benefit of everyone else! 

Using the AudioZone app

If you find yourself in front of a TV that is muted or just set to very low volume then install the free AudioZone app and connect your headset.   Whether you are on WiFi or using your mobile data you will be offered at least a couple of channels to choose from and, with some luck, the channel you require will be among them.  If you are in a venue that has registered with AudioZone then you will be offered the channels that they are showing in that venue.  If the venue has not registered with us then perhaps you can suggest they do so!  It is quick, inexpensive and easy.


AudioZone for your venue or building

Anyone with the free app installed will be able to use AudioZone to receive the soundtracks of a selection of TV channels.  If those channels are the ones you tend to show then feel free to advertise AudioZone in your venue with no more to do! 

Click here to download a venue poster with instructions.

Venue operators who need a wider or more tailored range of TV soundtracks should get in touch and we can set up a tailored list which will also be automatically synchronised to their specific AV distribution setup.

We also supply small, easy to install, AudioZone servers to cater for home use and for venues that do not offer customer WiFi.  If you wish to distribute your paid subscription TV channels through AudioZone then you will need to get in touch with us to get set up.

AudioZone is simple and inexpensive to set up and it is a great value add for your guests - give us a call and we'll talk you through the options

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