Can I use AudioZone at home?

Yes.  Great idea for when :

  • You want to watch TV while others are sleeping/reading/making a racket.
  • Your Kids are watching something loud and highly non-relaxing while you want to relax
  • Someone is hard of hearing

This is the equivalent of buying some wired or bluetooth headsets and connecting them to the TV....only MUCH better because:

  • Anyone who can connect to the wifi can use their own phone and headset to tune in to the TV.
  • You don't have to keep any extra devices cleaned and charged
  • More than one person can tune in at a time

You can use the channels supplied to everyone for free to test this but we think you should invest in an AudioZone server and connect it to your TV or decoder for the best experience.  That way you will always be in sync and listening to the right TV channel.  It is a one-off cost.  See our products page.

Is an AudioZone server difficult to install and set up?

First off....you may not need an AudioZone server.  You may be fine with the standard channels or by registering an account with us so that we can tailor a selection of channels for you.  However...if you do need a server for your venue/office/home then.....

No, the AudioZone streamer only requires power and connection to the audio source.  There is no on-site configuration required.  Simply connect the audio cables to your decoder, TV or amplifier on one end and to the AudioZone streamer on the other end and then connect the power.  You will soon see a new WiFi network called "AudioZone" appear.  Once you have downloaded and installed the app, connect your phone to that WiFi network and start the stream.  If you are taking audio from a decoder or amp that is far away from where people will be watching the TVs then you may need to purchase one of our longer audio cables to position the AudioZone streamer in a position that ensures a strong WiFi signal where the customers are.

The AZ starter pack includes the cables you will require, instructions, promotional material and a stock of branded headsets for sale or free distribution.

Why can users not hear any audio without using headsets?

It seems sensible to disable the speakers on user's phones to eliminate the risk of someone playing the TV audio through their speakers at full volume while everyone else is listening to background music or just enjoying the silence.  People tend to have their own headsets available most of the time so it is rarely a problem.  We supply a stock of boxed AudioZone headsets with the starter pack and venues can purchase more from us if required.  In a noisy environment we suggest always offering customers headsets with some noise cancelling buds.

What are the costs for using the app?

Customers install and use the app for free.  There is no registration or account to set up.  There are no charges, no adverts, and there are also no dubious permissions required to install the app.

Are there any costs to the venue / building?

Well, that depends...  Anyone with AudioZone installed on their phone will be able to use the app anywhere to listen to the audio of one of a selection of  'standard' channels that we make available to everyone.  Venues do not have to do anything or spend any money for this to work but they may find that the standard channels are not suitable.  To ensure a more tailored selection of channels, venues, need to get in touch and register an account with us for a small fee or purchase and install an AudioZone server.  

How can I register our network with AudioZone or buy an AudioZone server

Couldn't be easier - give our sales team a call on 0207 175 8880.  If it's a server that you are after you can just navigate to our products page and place your order online.  

My customers do not find an "AudioZone" WiFi signal.

You do not have to have a WiFi SSID called "AudioZone".  The AudioZone servers (if you have bought and installed one of these) will offer the option of broadcasting their own WiFi network which will be called "AudioZone" or they will distribute the audio on your normal WiFi.

Which smartphones are supported?

There is an Android app available in the Google Play store and an IoS app in the Apple App store.  

The Android app works on Android 4.4 and above (it may work on earlier versions but this is not tested or confirmed).  The app will work on Android phones and Tablets.  The IoS app will work on iPhones running IoS 10 and above.  We understand that the app may experience audio breakup when installed on older iPhones (iPhone SE, iPhone 5 and earlier models) on some busy public WiFi networks but this appears to be network dependent and the same phones will have no such issues on another WiFi network.

Which countries does AudioZone work in?

AudioZone servers will work anywhere in the world. 

The selection of standard channels provided to all users regardless of which network they are using is currently limited to channels from the United Kingdom but we expect to support additional countries in the coming months.   We also intend to supply foreign language translations for the app soon.  If you are keen to use or distribute AudioZone outside of the UK please get in touch using our contact form, by email or give us a call.

How many different channels can an AudioZone server support?

There is no limit to the number of channels that can be made available to app users on a specific network.  

Our standard AudioZone servers can support up to four simultaneous audio inputs.  We can supply servers capable of many more channels than that on demand. 

If you purchase a multi channel server you can configure the names of the channels that the users will see on their app (by default these will be listed as "channel 1", "channel 2" and so on).  Users can switch between channels at their leisure.  If four channels are not sufficient for you then you can install two or more multi channel servers and these will broadcast on separate wifi networks with separately named SSIDs for the network.

If you purchase a multi server with more inputs than you currently require that will not cause any issue.  The inputs with no audio stream attached will simply broadcast silent channels until such time as you attach an audio input.