AudioZone Multi Channel Set

This is the system for venues with multiple TV sources. You can connect up to four audio sources to this server and your customers will be able to switch between those sources on their apps. Select from 2, 3 or 4 channel versions.



From £269.00ex VAT

The AudioZone multi channel server is designed for venues with multiple TV sources.  Connect up to four different TV decoders to the server and allow the customer to switch between these when using the app.  You can configure the channel names that appear on the app if you wish. 

If you wish to position the server further away from your decoder to improve the AudioZone WiFi signal where your customers are watching TV then please consider purchasing one of our longer audio cables that allow the server to be installed up to 20m away from the decoder.  Generally the servers have sufficient range for the majority of venues but range can suffer if walls or other barriers are between the server and the trading area.