AudioZone Single Channel Set

All you need where there is only one TV audio source at home or in a small venue. A single channel AudioZone server, Power Supply, Audio Leads, Headsets, the Works!

£189.00£149.00 ex VAT


AudioZone Multi Channel Set

This is the system for venues with multiple TV sources. You can connect up to four audio sources to this server and your customers will be able to switch between those sources on their apps. Select from 2, 3 or 4 channel versions.

From £269.00 ex VAT


Pack of 22 Boxed Headsets

Spare headsets for resale or free distribution to your customers. Multiple ear bud sizes in each pack.

£20.00 ex VAT

Wall or Door Sticker 1

Door or Wall Sticker (2 Pack)

Use these promo stickers to let customers know that AudioZone is available in your venue. Stick these on your door, wall or even in the washrooms - as long as the message gets through!

£1.00 ex VAT

Long Sticker 1

TV Frame Sticker - Long (6 pack)

Long instructional sticker to remind customers and staff that TV audio is available through their smartphones. For TVs with a black frame. Measures 400mm x 20mm. Pack of 6.

£1.50 ex VAT

Short Sticker 1

TV Frame Sticker - Short (12 pack)

Smaller AudioZone awareness sticker for black TV frames. Measures 80mm x 20mm. Twelve stickers per pack.

£2.00 ex VAT